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Osceola and Oscelle ‘Ossi’ Felton


Osceola Felton’s 13-year-old son Oscelle “Ossi” Felton has been missing for more than a month and the search for his whereabouts continues.

Oscelle Felton has brown eyes and brown hair. He is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 115 pounds. His dad said his son recently dyed his hair blond.

“The last time I saw him was on the 20th in southeast San Diego around midnight, and he had left from home saying he was trying to go see his mother who lives in Las Vegas,” said Osceola, adding this is the third time his boy has run away. “This is the longest he’s ever been gone,” he said.

Felton said he has kept Oscelle’s name and face in the public to help find him and because “his life matters.”

Oscelle has been missing for 36 days. His dad is concerned for his son’s safety. Though he suspects foul play may possibly be involved, Osceola said the police are treating his son’s disappearance to this point strictly as a missing person’s case and a civil matter.

According to a Facebook group posting, Oscelle’s mother abandoned him at school in 2013 when he was 5 years old and has not been in his life since. The boy has been raised since solely by his father, who noted his son has “become curious about his mom. Although she’s made no effort to be a part of his life for eight years now, he still wants to feel loved by her somehow. Ossi searched and found his mom on social media and has now made it his mission to go physically find her.”

Osceola sponsored a gathering of friends he knows who is helping him with his search for his son at waterfront Park downtown on July 25. His friends have been helping him pass out fliers and spread awareness of his son’s disappearance. Osceola’s friends brought along their homemade 35-day posters featuring beating hearts signifying how heartbroken they are over what has taken place.

“I have personally spoken to Osceola on many occasions and witnessed first hand a dad, not just a father, become a source of confidence, accountability, leadership, and manhood for his son,” said Jamar Williams, founder/CEO  of Promo Drone Inc., a personal friend of the family. “Osceola has provided a safe home, an abundant life, with love and understanding and I have seen him encouraging his son to be great. Osceola has managed to build a relationship and life with Oscelle that most fathers and sons aspire to. They not only live together but they also cook together, talk together, act silly together, travel together, learn together, laugh together, cry together, and most importantly, grow in life together.  Everything they have gone through, they have gone through together.”

“Not once have I ever witnessed nor had the mere inclination that Oscelle was or would ever be in any danger or harm and in fact the opposite is more than true,” noted Williams, who added Oscelle’s mother’s absence “has absolutely crushed Oscelle and threatens to disrupt the loving environment that Osceola has forged.”

Anyone with information about Oscelle is urged to call 619-678-9633. For more information, visit



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