San Diego to Distribute $12 Million in Grants to Local Small Businesses, Non-Profits – NBC San Diego

Small businesses and non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply for funds later this week as the city prepares to distribute $12 million in COIVD-19 relief grants for San Diego establishments.

Mayor Todd Gloria is slated to host a press conference Monday to share details on how business owners and non-profit leaders can apply for the funds. The application period will be open beginning Wednesday through Sept. 24.

The San Diego Foundation in conjunction with the city is launching the grant program to help local small businesses and organizations hit hard by the pandemic. In order to be eligible for the grant, businesses must satisfy the following:

  • be located in San Diego;
  • be in operation before April 1, 2020;
  • net profits under $150,000 or gross revenue under $250,000;
  • prove COVID-19 impacted their business;
  • be self-employed, independent contractors, sole proprietors or have 100 employees or less.

As for non-profits, they can be eligible for the grants if they satisfy these requirements:

  • be located in San Diego or serve its residents;
  • demonstrate a decline in revenue or service due to the pandemic;
  • serve or participate in industries hit hardest by COVID-19, like tourism, retail, hospitality, health, food and beverage, special events or professional services.

Applicants will be asked to submit their 2019 and 2020 tax returns and small businesses will be required to submit a current San Diego business tax certificate.

Applications will be reviewed after the deadline to enroll expires. The grant program is not first-come, first-served and will instead focus on accuracy and need.

Anyone interested in applying to receive funds can click here for more information.

Gloria will be joined Monday at 10 a.m. by local community leaders to announce details on the grant program.

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