San Diego restauranteurs continue battling the state – California News Times

San Diego (KUSI) – Downtown San Diego restaurants continue to oppose state or city regulations.

This time, we asked to allow the outdoor dining patio, which was introduced as a result of the COVID-19 restaurant restrictions, to be left unattended for another year.

Michael Curran, a lawyer at Curran & Curran Law, joined Jason Austell at KUSI in Good Morning San Diego to discuss the ongoing battle with restaurants in downtown San Diego and the current state of street vendors in the city.

The city is having problems with its outdoor dining patio because it does not meet fire protection standards.

However, Karan explained that most of his restaurant members used licensed contractors to create patios until they built fire protection and safety regulations.

Most of these structures are compliant, and those who do not have enough time to comply.

Karan and Austell continued discussions with unregulated street vendors selling food without health checkups and regulations.

The San Diego County Public Health Service needs to go out and talk to these vendors, Karan said.

San Diego restauranteurs continue battling the state – Source link San Diego restauranteurs continue battling the state –

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