San Diegans Step Up to Help Afghan Refugees – NBC San Diego

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, groups, and organizations across San Diego have been working to address the country’s humanitarian emergency.

“I’ve got a number of military detailees, a gold star family member, and some staff that have all developed a considerable amount of expertise in the business of getting people visas,” said Congressman Darell Issa.

Congressman Issa and his team have been working with families in our community to try and get their loved ones out of Afghanistan safely.

Then upon arriving in the U.S., Catholic Charities has stepped in to help.

“We help people find housing, we help arrange for language lessons, we help arrange for classes where people can learn and deal with a new and different culture,” said Kevin Eckery, spokesperson for the San Diego Catholic Diocese.

And then to help ease their transition, “Helping El Cajon refugees” steps in.

The group of volunteers, organized on Facebook by Jill Galante, works to provide new refugees with everything they might need to settle into their new homes.

“I want them to have everything in their bathroom. I want them to have everything to take a shower, to clean their home,” said Galante. “These are small items that we constantly take for granted.”

The items are all donated and installed by volunteers of the page.

Galante says they hear from refugees in need of help daily.

“This past Friday a family of three arrived in National City with nothing but the clothing on their back,” said Galante.

As we get closer to the Aug. 31 deadline, all three groups anticipate the need for help will be elevated. They urge the community to step up and join their effort.

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