National City Completes 100-Day Vaccination Campaign – NBC San Diego

National City’s 100-day Covid-19 vaccine campaign came to an end Monday.

National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis was joined by National City Firefighters and healthcare workers to celebrate the accomplishments of this effort Monday morning.

On April 1, National City set out to vaccinate 75% of its 60,000 residents, in partnership with National City Fire Department, UC San Diego Health and local health clinics.

By July 12, 35,982 people had been vaccinated, short of their 45,000 target.

Still, the city said there is a lot to be proud of. They pushed their multi-lingual campaign with consistent vaccine messaging in English, Spanish and Tagalog.

National City was the first to vaccinate high schoolers 16 and older in San Diego County.

They also used creative marketing such as lowrider shows to bring the vaccine to where people gathered.

While the campaign did work to get thousands vaccinated, Mayor Sotelo-Solis acknowledged that more needs to be done to close the gap, especially with the emergence of the delta variant.

“I think we’re all inching closer day by day. Some people are working non-stop, the essential workers. People looking at summertime saying ‘oh I’ll go get it. And people, those “wait and see’ers” are getting encouraged and pushed to do it. We’re still working on the acceptance to get them vaccinated,” Sotelo-Solis said.

National City continues to be at the forefront of combating and addressing the COVID-19 pandemic for its residents and the region as the 100-day campaign ends.

The city is the first in San Diego County to mandate face coverings, enhance T3 (Testing, Tracing, Treatment) county-wide efforts, provide five free multi-agency COVID-19 testing sites, rental, utility and foodbank assistance, and to partner with UC San Diego Health to host a vaccine trials site.

“We will continue to encourage our community members to vaccinate, test and treat to combat COVID-19 while using the necessary resources to stimulate our economy,” Sotelo-Solis said.

Vaccines are still available at pharmacies, doctor’s offices and small clinics.

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