San Diego Foundation Repair

Unlimited Drilling: If you’re looking to sell your San Diego home, it can be difficult to unload a property that has foundation issues. But even if your foundation problems are minor, it’s still important to repair them as soon as possible before they cause any more damage.

Depending on the problem, foundation repairs can range in cost from $2K to $150K. Getting an estimate from different foundation repair companies can help you decide what options to consider.

Repairing Slab Foundations

A slab foundation is a type of house foundation that is constructed from solid concrete. It is one of the most popular foundation options for new construction in San Diego. Slabs are the most economical to build and work well on level sites in warmer climates.

Slabs are often used to support multi-story buildings, like apartment complexes, office buildings and other large structures. Slab foundations are poured directly on the ground, which saves money on site preparation and formwork.

These foundations are very strong, but they do have some drawbacks. They are susceptible to cracking, which can lead to structural instability and costly repairs.

In addition, a slab can be prone to shifting if piers are not installed properly. This can happen when the piers are not installed deep enough or they aren’t in a stable location. If you notice signs of settling or shifting, including bulging floors, interior cracks and sticking doors, contact our team to learn how we can repair your slab.

Another issue that can affect a slab is the soil around it shifting. Changes in the soil or the moisture content of the soil can cause piers to shift, which can make your home more vulnerable to shifting and cracked walls and floor.

Fortunately, San Diego Foundation Repair can help to prevent these problems from occurring. Our technicians have a wide range of solutions that will restore the integrity and stability of your slab foundation.

Our crews can use helical piers or push piers to install deep under your home to lift and stabilize the structure. This method is ideal for homes that have settled over time and are causing problems with doors, windows and interior walls.

In addition to repairing your foundation, our experts can also offer drainage repair and other structural services to keep your building in good shape for years to come. Whether you are a homeowner, HOA, property manager or commercial building owner, we can provide the services you need to protect your investment.

Repairing Crawl Space Foundations

Crawl space foundations are popular in residential construction across the United States because they are less expensive than basements but more functional than slab foundations. They provide more storage space and easy access to utilities, but they can also be prone to moisture damage and pest infestations.

The best crawl space foundations are encapsulated with a vapor barrier system to prevent fungus, mold and water buildup. They also allow for easier access to plumbing lines, HVAC systems, and electrical components.

San Diego Foundation Repair can help homeowners repair their crawl space foundations, regardless of the type or age of the home. We offer the same high-quality service as we do for slab foundations, and our team is fully licensed to provide all services related to foundations.

We can install push piers to stabilize sagging and sinking foundations, as well as replace failing I-beams. We can also underpin a crawl space to restore it to its maximum level of support.

While crawl space foundations are generally more resilient than slab foundations during earthquakes, the ground beneath a house is still subject to shifting soil conditions. As a result, they may experience cracks and fractures.

Cold climates can be especially difficult for crawl space foundations. While ventilation reduces the amount of moisture that accumulates in a crawl space, it can also permit frigid air to blow underneath the home.

This can increase cooling costs and sanitize the space, so the homeowners will need to be proactive about sealing and insulate their crawl spaces.

If you live in a cold climate, or have a lot of plumbing that runs through your crawl space, consider investing in insulation to keep the temperature inside the foundation low enough for your comfort.

If you’re looking for a San Diego foundation expert, call Sure Safe today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. Our trained professionals will inspect your crawl space foundation and discuss the best way to repair it.

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