June unemployment increases to 7% in San Diego County as more jobs added – California News Times

San Diego (KUSI) – San Diego County’s unemployment rate rose to 7% in June, up from 6.3% in May, but still well below the previous year’s estimate of 13.5%. Development department.

This is compared to California’s unemployed rate increasing from 7.5% in May to 8% and from 5.5% in May to 6.1% over the same period.

Between May 2021 and June 2021, the unemployment rate increased from 1,401,600 to 1,407,300, but the number of non-farm payrolls actually increased by 5,700. Agricultural employment increased by 100 from 9,400 to 9,500.

Increased unemployment and employment may reflect that more people are returning to the employment market but have not yet found employment.

Leisure and hospitality added the most jobs per month with an increase in employment of 4,800 people — increased for the fifth straight month, representing 84% of the region’s increase. The accommodation and food service industry has boosted 2,800 jobs across the sector, while arts, entertainment and recreation (2,000 jobs) have completed an increase across the sector.

Manufacturing added 2,000 jobs, most of which was recorded in durable goods, and increased 1,800 jobs. Among durable consumer goods, computer and electronic product manufacturing accounted for the majority of the increase in work, adding 1,200. Non-durable consumer goods added 200 jobs.

Education and medical services have increased employment by 1,000 people. Healthcare and social support (increased 1,500 jobs) accounted for all the jobs earned, but were offset by the loss of 500 jobs in education services. Trade, transportation and utilities have gained 700 jobs, information has added 300 jobs, and other services have increased 200 jobs. Mining and logging have not changed.

The government lost the largest month-on-month loss, losing 1,600 jobs. All subsectors lost their jobs for a month. Local governments have reduced 1,000 jobs, state governments have reduced 500 jobs, and the federal government has reduced 100 jobs. The other three sectors shrank that month.

Between June 2020 and June 2021, the number of non-farm payrolls increased by 68,900, or 5.1%. Agricultural employment fell by 400, or 4%.

Leisure and hospitality increased year-on-year with the addition of 23,400 jobs. Accommodation and food services (up 19,000) accounted for 81% of the increase of 14,700, especially in food services and taverns. Art, entertainment and recreation achieved overall benefits with the work of 4,400 people.

Professional and business services were increased by 11,500 jobs. Professional, scientific and technical services added the most jobs in the sector, followed by 6,500 jobs, followed by management, support and waste management, with an increase of 4,100 jobs.

Education and medical services have added 9,800 jobs. Of this, 96% of the increase was in health care and social support (up 9,400), especially in outpatient services (up 5,300) and social support due to an increase in employment of 4,500. .. With an increase of 400 jobs in education services, the overall increase is complete. The other six sectors increased this year. Mining and logging have not changed.

Financial activity was the only sector that lost 400 jobs and reduced annually. Finance and insurance made up for all losses, reducing 1,400 jobs, but overall losses were offset by increased real estate, leasing and leasing (1,000 jobs).

June unemployment increases to 7% in San Diego County as more jobs added – Source link June unemployment increases to 7% in San Diego County as more jobs added –

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