Car Shipping – What Type of Car Shipping Is Right For You?

Reindeer Car Shipping is a safe, easy way to move a car across the country. It can save you time, money and stress by taking care of all the logistics for you.

Car shipping prices vary based on the vehicle’s condition, distance, pick-up and delivery locations and season. To get a fair quote, it’s a good idea to compare multiple quotes online.

Enclosed Carrier

When it comes to shipping your car, you have many options. You have to decide whether you want a door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service and if you need insurance.

Another decision you’ll have to make is between open carrier and enclosed carrier types of car shipping. Enclosed carriers offer a more secure way to transport your vehicle across the country, and they’re especially useful for high-value vehicles that need a little extra protection against road debris.

Unlike open car trailers, enclosed car transport carriers are insulated and fully enclosed. These types of transport are most commonly used for classic, antique, and luxury vehicles.

While they’re more expensive than open carriers, enclosed car shipping is often the preferred method for these high-end vehicles. It also offers superior protection from weather and road debris. Additionally, drivers are trained to handle these vehicles and provide better customer service.

Open Carrier

Car Shipping is a great way to get your vehicle from one location to another. However, you need to choose which type of shipping is right for you and your vehicle.

The open carrier type of car shipping is the most common and inexpensive method for transporting vehicles. These carriers haul cars on long two-tiered trailers that don’t have any walls or ceilings.

These trailers are capable of carrying up to 10 vehicles at a time.

Compared to enclosed carriers, open auto transport is 10%-30% cheaper.

In addition to being the most cost-effective transport method, open car carriers are also faster and easier to find than enclosed carriers.

This method is ideal for most vehicles, although some older vehicles may be less able to handle the stresses of being on an open trailer. It’s also the preferred method for classic and vintage vehicles.


Door-to-door transport is one of the most popular types of car shipping. It involves a truck picking up and delivering your vehicle directly to your home or office location.

This type of shipping is particularly convenient for customers who are relocating from rural areas. In addition, it is usually less expensive than terminal-to-terminal shipping because it doesn’t require travel to a terminal.

Despite its popularity, door-to-door transport comes with a few drawbacks. The cost may be higher than terminal-to-terminal transport, especially if the distance from the shippers’ location is long.

It also takes more time to get your vehicle to a carrier’s location, which can be an inconvenience for some drivers. Additionally, there could be storage fees if you leave your car at the terminal for a period of time. Lastly, it’s best to pick a carrier that doesn’t charge hidden fees.


A car shipping terminal is a large storage facility that auto carriers use for loading vehicles onto their trucks. This helps them load cars more efficiently, making it less expensive for them to ship vehicles by this method.

A carrier may also keep your vehicle at a terminal for a few days before shipping it to its destination. This can help them keep their shipping costs low, and it may also ensure that your car arrives on a full trailer.

However, a car shipped via a terminal is more likely to be exposed to the elements. Moreover, it might be subjected to vandalism or accidental damage.

As a result, it’s important to consider your personal needs and preferences when choosing the right car shipping method for you. It’s best to shop around and gather at least three quotes, so you can compare pricing. It’s also a good idea to be aware of the disadvantages of each method so you can make an informed decision that will suit your needs.

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