Flashes By Rick Griffin 3.20.2017


San Diego advertising agency Katana Media has been selected to provide digital media solutions to furniture retailer Mor Furniture for Less. Katana said its campaign will target and gain brand awareness for Mor Furniture among the millennial demographic. “From strategic planning and detailed implementation to cutting-edge reporting and ultimately maximizing our return, we certainly feel that we are in great hands at Katana,” said David Salcido, marketing manager, Mor Furniture for Less. “We’re applying our approach to showcase the value of digital media in not just online sales, but the subsequent lift in in-store sales and foot traffic,” said Melissa Lopez, CEO, Katana Media. “With Katana’s catalog of innovative solutions and our team of digital media and technology experts, we are capable of showing the correlation between on-site exposure, in-store purchases and foot traffic, ultimately conveying the value of every investment our clients allocate online.” Based in San Diego, Mor Furniture operates 32 showrooms in seven states, including California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

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San Diego Family Magazine, in cooperation with Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego (SNRFSD, www.snrfsd.org), has published its eighth annual edition of Flourishing Families, a resource guide for families of children with special needs. Sharon Bay, publisher, San Diego Family Magazine, serves as board president of SNRFSD. Distribution of the 72-page publication (15,000 print copies) began Saturday, March 18, at the 34th annual Involved Exceptional Parents Day, a one-day conference offering education and support for families of children with special needs. “We at San Diego Family are very proud to serve these special families with Flourishing Families,” said Bay. “Our latest issue contains encouraging and inspiring articles about shared experiences and challenges, as well as information about much-needed resources in our community.” Flourishing Families is available online, www.sandiegofamily.com.

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The San Diego Press Club will add its spin to the fake news phenomenon with a panel discussion at 6:30 p.m.Wednesday, March 22, at its Downtown San Diego offices at the Spreckels Building, 121 Broadway, Suite 640. Cost to attend is free for members and $10 per person for non members. Panel members will include: Lynn Walsh, executive investigative producer, KNSD-TV/NBC 7 San Diego and 2016-17 national president of the Society of Professional Journalists; Tony Perry, former San Diego bureau chief, Los Angeles Times; Mitch Weinstock, news services editor, San Diego Union-Tribune. Moderator will be Thom Senzee, Press Club Professional Development Committee chair. Among the discussion questions, the Press Club said: What is fake news? Who decides what it is? Where does it come from? How does fake news get interwoven into real news stories? Why is the fake news controversy antithetical to the mainstream press? Has the news media lost its credibility when the Associated Press reports that Trump is planning to invade Mexico? How can Americans decipher the truth when it’s threatened by the fast-hardening shellac of fake news? How can fake news be counteracted by ethical journalists? What can honest journalists do to ensure the survival of real journalism? Do journalists owe a debt of gratitude to President Trump for giving the news industry a long-overdue a wake-up call? How long will the mainstream press continue their campaign to delegitimize, sabotage and undermine the new President? Is Trump really a threat to freedom of the press? Is the news media really the “Opposition Party?” Why are White House reporters rediscovering their zeal to “hold the President accountable?” For more event information, visit www.sdpressclub.org.

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