Flashes By Rick Griffin 1.16.2017


KSWB-TV/Fox 5 San Diego has announced it will air live a San Diego Gulls home game on Sunday evening, Feb. 12, one week after airing Super Bowl LI from Houston, Tex. It will be the American Hockey League (AHL) club’s first live home game telecast since the AHL Gulls team began playing in 2015. The game with the Gulls hosting the Bakersfield Condors will begin at 5 p.m. from Valley View Casino Center, formerly the San Diego Sports Arena. Channel 5 will air a pre-game show starting at 4:30 p.m., and a post-game show immediately following the game. It is this season’s only Gulls home game scheduled for a live telecast at this time, said Steve Brown, Gulls communications manager. “We will have 13 home games remaining after this one, and our hope would be to have another live broadcast before the season ends in mid-April,” Brown said. Game broadcasters on Feb. 12 will be Craig Elsten, play-by-play voice of the Gulls, and color analyst B.J. MacPherson, a former Gulls player (1996-2001) when the team was a member of the West Coast Hockey League.

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San Diego Family Magazine, now in its 35th year of publication, is hosting its annual cover kids search. Sharon Bay, publisher, is looking for six photogenic children, ages 2 to 11, plus one set of multiples to grace a future cover of the magazine and an annual “Out & About,” a family adventure publication. Deadline for entries is Jan. 31. To enter, visit www.SanDiegoFamily.com/contests/cover-kids-search. The search is a fundraiser for the Special Needs Resources Foundation of San Diego and Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Cost per entry is $25 for one child and $35 for multiples. Bay said she’s expecting about 200 entries. About 100 finalists will be selected in four categories, ages 2-to-4, 5-to-7, 8-to-11 and multiples. The finalists will be invited for a free trip to Birch Aquarium where judges will watch the kids for personality, ability to take direction and who can sit still for a photographer. The magazine currently prints 85,000 copies, each issue is between 60 and 80 pages, with more than 1,700 distribution locations around the San Diego County, including supermarkets, restaurants and retail establishments.

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FM radio broadcasting was invented in the United States in 1933. After a slow start, it became wildly popular around the world, largely because the frequency modulation technology offered better sound quality than the existing amplitude modulation (AM) transmissions. But the era of FM radio may be coming to an end. After more than 60 years of using the system, Norway made telecommunications history last Wednesday as the first country in the world to turn off its FM radio network, and others may soon follow its example. The move to what they call “radio digitization” was decided by Parliament in 2011, and a timetable was announced in 2015. At 11:11 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 11 (a time chosen because it was easy to remember), nationwide radio channels began stopping FM broadcasts, switching to a system known as digital audio broadcasting that proponents say offers a wider range of broadcasting options and greater sound quality. The switch to digital broadcasting is intended to save money. Norway’s Culture Ministry estimated that it will save 180 million kroner a year, or about $25 million. Read more here, https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/11/world/europe/norway-fm-radio.html.

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