Flashes By Rick Griffin 3.04.19
A group of marketing professionals, including web designers, graphic artists and various advertising industry creatives, are banning together for “San Diego Service Jam,” a service-oriented event on the last weekend of March. The group will meet starting at 5 p.m., Friday, March 29 at the New School of Architecture, 1249 “F” St, Downtown San Diego, with the goal in mind of creating and publishing a new service in less than 48 hours. The ending time is 4 p.m. Sunday, March 31. The event is part of Global Service Jam, a worldwide event that has been held annually over the past 10 years. It will be San Diego’s first time to participate and the only Global Service Jam event in California this year. On Friday evening, after this year’s theme is revealed, the group will break into teams and start working to identify and understand a real-world need, discuss prototype concepts and deliver a solution by Sunday afternoon. The same activities will be occurring over the same weekend in more than 100 cities, organizers said. To volunteer, visit www.designforwardsd.com.


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After 10 years as evening news anchor at KUSI-TV and a nearly 40-year career in broadcasting, Allen Denton has retired. His final KUSI newscast was Feb. 27. Highly respected in the KUSI newsroom, Denton joined the station in 2009 after working in San Jose and San Francisco. He began his career in 1981 in Bowling Green, Kent., and then made stopovers in Evansville, Ind., Knoxville, Tenn., Spartanburg, S.C., Louisville, Kent. and Charlotte, N.C. Denton could not be reached for comment, but station sources said he requested no attention be given about his retirement. Still, KUSI weathercaster Mark Mathis introduced a humorous good-bye video on the Feb. 26 newscast, https://www.kusi.com/a-little-fun-to-say-goodbye-to-our-friend-allen-denton/.


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Raken, a Carlsbad-based provider of mobile apps and software for the construction industry, has named Amanda Patterson as its first vice president of marketing. Patterson, with 18 years of experience, was previously a senior executive for five years at Mindbody, a software provider in the salon, spa and fitness industry. She led global marketing efforts, including a public offering in 2015, and helped the company achieve 300 percent revenue growth, from $48 million to nearly $200 million.


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-- Thomas Massey, who worked in media and advertising sales in Seattle and San Diego for many years, passed away in December. He was 73. He previously served on the San Diego Advertising Club board of directors.

-- Susan Russo, a San Diego Union-Tribune freelance food writer, passed away in January. She was 47. She wrote a monthly column, “Get Fresh,” as well as numerous centerpiece stories.

-- Rusty Harris, who retired in 2010 as managing editor of the North County Times newspaper, passed away from cancer in February. He was 64. He worked in journalism for 35 years. No one was hired into Harris’ newsroom until they took “The Mother of All Killer Tests.” There was no way to ace the test, a collection of trivia, math questions, grammar problems and writing exercises. And yes, you were asked to name all Seven Dwarfs.

-- Jerry Magee, San Diego Union-Tribune sportswriter, passed away Jan. 2. He was 90. Magee worked at the San Diego Union and U-T for 52 years before retiring in 2008. Magee was the beat writer on the Chargers from the day they moved from Los Angeles to San Diego in 1961 until 1986, and continued writing about them for another two decades. He covered all the major events in San Diego and many others around the country, including 42 straight Super Bowls.

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