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SDX: Inspire - Women in Leadership
Women in leadership isn’t a zero-sum game.

Empowerment for women in the workforce is in vogue. Finally. So how can we support each other in getting a seat at the leadership table?  And what should you do if you don’t feel supported by those around you? Hosted by Mirum’s Julie Koepsell, this panel will discuss what real empowerment looks like in practice, and will be joined by Gritty founder, Sarah Panis; Cherry Park, Sr. Director, Marketing, Qualcomm; and Laura Huston, Principal Product Designer at Intuit.

About the speakers:

Moderator: Julie Koepsell, Managing Director, Mirum Minneapolis and Forbes Contributor

I have spent the last twenty years in client services working my way up the ranks of agencies large and small. Today I manage the Minneapolis team of a global digital agency. Experience has afforded me a lot. I have worked with great teams and extremely dysfunctional teams. I have experienced exhilarating agency highs and crushing lows. Through it all, I have met amazing people, become well versed on failure and I have learned more about myself and the dynamics of different personalities than I ever expected. I’m a passionate and driven team member, leader, woman, mother who brings all of that to work and home again. I believe the only way to be your best self is to be your whole self.

Sarah Panis, Founder, The Gritty Movement

Sarah Panis is the founder of The Gritty Movement, which is a movement to support and advance women in leadership through workshops, online resources, and events including their annual women's leadership conference and a Career Day for at-risk girls in San Diego. As a leadership development consultant, Sarah coaches executives on how to build diverse and inclusive workplaces and effective and attractive company cultures

Cherry Park, Sr Director of Marketing, Qualcomm

Cherry has paved her way to success with her skill and expertise in marketing communications, internet applications and multimedia, and web development. She has worked at Qualcomm for over 20 years and has been a crucial to Qualcomm and it's many successes.

Laura Huston, Principal Product Designer, Intuit

I’ve been in the field of design for the last 15 years working at agencies, in-house, and as a freelancer. Today, I’m a Principal Product Designer at Intuit working on new products in the personal finance space.I’ve also started a couple of my own small businesses and am passionate about bringing that entrepreneurial spirit, along with the lessons that I’ve learned, into my current work. Being a designer has given me a great set of tools for creative problem solving and has shaped the way I approach much of life. I’m always excited to share those insights, philosophize, or jam on new ideas, especially over a strong cup of coffee.

Kirsty Nunez, Founder, Q2 Insights

A marketing researcher and facilitator of innovation, I help clients strengthen their brands. With over 25 years of experience and a strong academic background in both research psychology and applied statistics, I work with businesses to turn insights into actionable strategies for brand growth and profit. I offer expertise in the management, design and execution of both qualitative and quantitative marketing research projects – large and small. Areas of specialization include ethnographic qualitative research and multivariate statistical modeling.

My passion for sharing my knowledge is expressed by authoring articles on marketing research, speaking engagements, working one-on-one with those I mentor, serving as a lecturer in marketing research and consumer insights, and serving on Boards and committees. I am honored to have served as President of AMA San Diego, and currently serve as the lead researcher on the multi-year AMA State of Marketing study.

15 Nov 2018
101 West Broadway, Suite 800
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Business Casual
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