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Welcome to Our House: Studio Tour + Video Campaign Discussion
Cool video....but what’s next? Learn more about Creative Video Campaigns and how to produce evergreen content that’s tailored to your client’s audiences and personas from the team at Rowlbertos Media, LLC. Find out why “platform-specific” is a must and discover the hierarchy of your campaign’s content. Oh yeah, also check out their studio space - 2 studios, 2 offices, 1 taco crew. See you August 29th!

  • Who?

  • Robert Knauf - COO / Director
    The Co-Founder of Rowlbertos Media loves collaborating with his cast and his crew to create stylized shots that tell the right story to the right audience.

    Andrew Rowley - CEO / Director of Photography This Co-Founder spends most of his time behind the camera and editing away. With a knack for a “lit” scene, he gets some of the most epic shots!

    Ryan Mills - Director of Sales & Marketing / Producer
    Also known as Señor Dinero, Ryan navigates the sales and marketing ship while implementing his project management skills into his production roles.
29 Aug 2019
Rowlbertos Media, LLC
6316 Riverdale St
San Diego, 92120
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Business Casual
Participating organizations include
Rowlbertos Media, LLC
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