SDX Seminar Series: The Art of Play


Do you wish that you were more innovative when it came to new ideas or had the ability to think quick on your feet? If so, you will really enjoy our next workshop. Through collaboration exercises, enjoyable games and informative demonstrations, we will teach you the core tools that improvisers, like the ones on Whose Line Is It Anyway, use to create magic on stage. You will learn that it’s not just about being funny; the true lessons of improvisation are about so much more. In fact, improv will make you a better marketer. During this two hour, hands-on workshop you will let loose, be silly and leave feeling like you were a kid again. Imagine how you feel after returning from a week-long vacation. After this workshop, you will be refreshed, re-energized and excited to share your new skills with others.

What You Will Learn:

● How to enhance your creativity

● Find more enjoyment in your work

● Improve your communication skills

● How to be quick on your feet

● How to successfully collaborate with anyone

Gary Ware:

Gary is the VP of Digital Strategy for Tower33 Digital, a digital advertising agency that focuses on helping small to mid-size brands drive results and be seen online. Gary combines industry-best practices, in-depth market research and highly detailed web analytics to optimize user engagement and increase online conversions.

These talents as an online marketer have won Gary numerous awards, including the 2010 Media Post Best Online Search Award, Platinum 2007 Spotlight Award from The League of American Communications Professionals, as well as three W3 Silver Awards.

In addition, Gary also is the Founder of a site that helps professionals have more fun and live a fulfilled life. love. Gary incorporates the art of improvisation to help boost creativity, improve public speaking skills, and most importantly help you be more happy. Gary can be seen doing improv regularly at Finest City Improv, located in North Park, CA.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Los Angeles, Gary received a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design.