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“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation” – Don Draper

Tech. Marketing. Currency. Even the way we order transportation and lodging; they were all disrupted by fearless trailblazers who craved change. So why can’t we treat culture the same way? We can.

Culture Disrupters is an interactive panel aimed at tackling one of the most critical, yet often overlooked, subjects in the workplace—Culture. Deviating from traditional “HR,” Emotional Intelligence, scaling, accountability—they can be vital to the growth of your culture, and if you’re not putting thought into it, you could be missing the boat. Learn strategies for building engagement, getting C-Suite buy-in and takeaways for skyrocketing your company culture into the Stratosphere. Be ready to be part of the discussion, we want to hear from YOU!

Moderated by culture convert and SaaS growth expert Jason Amunwa, the panel features Justin Palicki, Culture Consultant & Experience Director at CIVILIAN; Jen Crim, Experience Manager at Telepathy; and Allie Graves, Senior Culture & Engagement Coordinator with Don’t miss this fun and informative event on how leaders in the space use innovation to foster culture at their companies.

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About the Speakers:

Justin Palicki
Experience Manager, Civilian

Justin, Civilian

By definition I am a curator of culture, but at my core I am a champion of people.
After over a decade of experience in marketing, advertising, and client relationship management, in both in-house and agency environments, I knew my passion was serving and elevating people.  So I made them my priority.

My mission is to make things better. Better relationships. Better cultures. Better experiences. A better life. Through attacking the uncomfortable truths, with open and honest communication and by using proven strategies, we will realize the culture that exists in your organization and build a plan to develop it and make it grow. I don’t believe in Humans as a Resource, I believe in Humans as Humans. Your people are your lifeblood, so happy people = happy clients = happy life.

Specialties: culture advancement, the human element, talent acquisition & improvement, content creation, event coordination, brand development, purpose-based marketing, and getting weird, so…Let’s Get Weird.


Jen Crim, Office & Experience Manager at Telepathy (formerly Digital Telepathy)


Jen Crim is an energetic experience manager and event planner who always carries confetti in her back pocket. For the last 2.5 years, she’s been working at Telepathy as their Office & Experience Manager. Here she does everything from curating themed personal birthday presents to planning memorable client/visitor on-sites to a company weekend party in Vegas! She has a passion for company culture with the hope of making an impact on the growth of those around her. When she’s not working, you can find her at the beach, walking her dog or at the gym.

Allie GravesSenior Culture & Engagement Coordinator at

Allie, Classy

Allie has been working for Classy for over 2 years as their Senior Culture & Events Coordinator. She handles anything from the new hire on boarding, office layout & decor, fun company employee events like the legendary Classy annual retreat, and keeping the Happiness Quotient at astronomical levels. Allie also enjoys people talking to her in British accents even if they’re not actually British.


Moderated by:


Jason Amunwa. CEO, Prime Intellect

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Jason Amunwa is a SaaS growth consultant, product manager, analytics nerd, and curious problem-solver. When he’s not growing veggies or obsessing over XCOM, he helps software businesses grow their revenue at GrowthLook (


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