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SDX: Inspire - Brands on Amazon - North County
Your Everything Strategy for The Everything Store

It’s 2018, do you know where your brand on Amazon is? Maybe you're just getting started. Maybe your brand knows Amazon better than Bezos himself. One thing is certain, the marketplace is constantly evolving. In some cases what worked yesterday on Amazon will not work today. Established brands are being forced to stay nimble and flexible. Brands who haven't started yet are stuck spinning in a world of platforms and acronyms. Join Amazon experts Ryan Mulvany and Dan Kohler of Quiverr, San Diego’s 3rd Fastest Growing Company from 2014-2016, as they share their experiences and demonstrate how to navigate the ever-changing twists and turns of Amazon’s conquest to be the everything store.

We'll also be hosting this event on November 7th at Downtown Works. If that location is better for you, register for that event here.

About the speakers:

Ryan Mulvany, Founder & Partner, Quiverr

My name is Ryan. I'm an Amazonoholic. It started with used books. Then new books. Then toys. And games. And foods. And soaps. And beauty products. And tech. And yes, even Justin Bieber pillowcases at one point. My addiction spawned a business (Quiverr). My business spawned brands. Our brands paved an educational foundation which we could build and deploy Amazon Strategies for even bigger brands. In 2017, Quiverr was wholly acquired by one of the world's largest CPG brokers, Advantage Sales and Marketing. Now Quiverr focuses on providing Amazon solutions for the top recognized CPG Organizations and their assets. I'm still addicted. More so you might say. Bezos keeps saying it's only day one. So I'm not quitting anytime soon

Dan Kohler, Senior Client Manager, Quiverr

Dan is a San Diego native and a proud alumnus of the University of Arizona. Dan jumped aboard as Quiverr's first employee in 2013, back when it was just a three-man shop and headquartered in a combination of borrowed office space and a residential garage. At the time, the company was in full start-up mode, which allowed Dan to learn and develop the many pieces required to scale a successful Amazon business. Today he serves as Quiverr's senior client manager and strategy lead. He's worked with brands of all sizes and categories and has helped them realize over $110M in Amazon sales over the past 5 years, with some seeing as much as 500% increase year over year. When it comes to Amazon success, nothing makes him happier than when he's able to help a brand become a category leader on the marketplace. Seriously, he gets the warm and fuzzies.

30 Oct 2018
Incubate Ventures
2251 Las Palmas Dr.
Carlsbad, 92011
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
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