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Intern Palooza
“Congratulations! You’re getting an intern!” For some of you, this phrase is exciting. For others, this phrase is terrifying. What do you do with an intern? How can I give them work, when much of my data is client-specific or sensitive? How do I formulate projects that they can take with them, without creating more work for myself to keep them busy? This talk will walk you through some of the ins and outs of formulating a repeatable, meaningful internship curriculum that will both keep your intern busy while also helping you get more work done. The talk will focus on how to leverage your intern as a working partner instead of a chore with the goal of helping them finish a project that they can take with them or utilize in future job interviews. The talk will conclude with a curriculum example and how it was activated to facilitate meaningful internship programs across multiple teams. Our Speaker: Micah Lomax Based in San Diego, Micah Lomax is the Americas Brand Insights Manager at HP specializing in marketing mix modeling and statistical analysis of marketing efforts for both the Print and Personal Systems businesses. His diverse background has resulted in teaching and research positions in both the music and business worlds, providing a creative perspective on market research and the delivery of data-based insights and recommendations. In his free time, Micah is an avid musician and dad to Samson the Golden Doodle.
25 Apr 2019
Red Door Interactive
350 10th Avenue, Suite 100
San Diego, 92101
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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