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Ad 2 Your Knowledge - October Event
Every year, Ad 2 works with a non-profit organization as part of a year-long public service campaign and we are thrilled to be working with Wesley House Student Residence for our 2018-19 campaign! At this Ad 2 Your Knowledge event, we'll get to hear from the Executive Director of Wesley House, Jesus Gonzalez.

About Wesley House:

Wesley House aims to help San Diego State University students find affordable, safe housing to live and study. Wesley House provides a network of support services to students that foster a greater sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, community and belonging.

About Jesus Gonzalez:

Gonzalez has dedicated most of his life to helping others. He has worked to improve the lives of people living with HIV, access for people with disabilities, equal rights for the LGBTQ community, environmental protection, education for children, and now safe, quality housing for students.

02 Oct 2018
Downtown Works
550 West B Street, Floor 4
San Diego, 92101
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM