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2019 American Advertising Awards – Call For Entries
The 2019 American Advertising Awards are here!

We are now accepting entries. Don’t miss this chance to go agency vs. agency to see whose got the knockout creative. The deadline for submissions is February 8, unless you want to pay a $20 per entry procrastination fee. Then you have until February 19.

Download the 2019 ADDY Entry Booklet for a blow-by-blow of the submissions process. You can also call the SDX office at 619-255-2281 or email info@sandiegox.org for any questions about entries or to schedule ADDYs concierge service, where we come to you.

Each entry is $30 less for SDX members, so consider becoming a member to save on entries and tickets to the events!

Price per entry:

Through February 8th

Individual entry

Members - $100

Non-members: $130

Students: $20


Members - $130

Non-Members - $160

Students: $20

01 Feb 2019
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