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After a 44-year radio broadcasting career, Sam Bass, 69, has decided to hang-up the headphones. “One of my heroes is (the late TV legend) Johnny Carson who walked away from The Tonight Show after 20 years (1962-1992) and Johnny never looked back. Now, I’m doing the same thing,” said Bass, who has worked for the past 40 years at KyXy 96.5-FM in San Diego. For the foreseeable future, Bass is likely to retain the longevity record for longest continuous employment at a single radio station in the San Diego market. Bass’ first radio job was in 1973 in Miami. “The music format was something called `Beautiful Music,’ and we played a lot of songs by the 101 Strings Orchestra,” Bass said. In 1977, he then moved to San Diego to work for after about eight months at KyXy. “It was the same format as Miami and our ratings were terrible. I was making $650 a month and the general manager wanted my air name to be Alan Jones,” recalled Bass. Bass then moved to Providence, Rhode Island, only to return to KyXy on March 24, 1978, the first day for the station’s format switch from “beautiful music” to “soft rock.” “There was a blizzard in Providence and I got a phone call from San Diego and they said it was 85 degrees and the palm trees were swaying. So, I moved out two weeks later and I’ve never left,” Bass said. Last year, Bass stepped away from his weekday midday show at KyXy to host only on Saturdays and Sundays. “KyXy has been really good to me, and I’m really grateful for all their support over the years,” he said. Bass grew up in Schenectady, N.Y. After World War II, his father worked as an engineer at WRBG-TV and WGY radio. “Broadcasting has been part of my life for a long time,” Bass said. “But, it’s time to start writing a new chapter. I want to get my health back on track and spend more time with my kids and grandkids. It’s been a great run, but it’s time to walk away, just like Johnny.”

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Times of San Diego (www.timesofsandiego.com), a local news website, reports monthly readership reached 309,000 in December and 2.32 million overall in 2017. Readership in December was more than double the 144,345 recorded in December 2016, due to steady growth and trending news, including the destructive Lilac Fire, SpaceX launch and the tragic death of a local firefighter. Readership for the entire year increased 17 percent from the 1.98 million different readers counted in 2016. The figures are from Google Analytics, the most commonly used tracking system for websites. The readership numbers reflects “unique users” in Internet parlance, meaning someone who comes to the website at least once during a measurement period. A user who comes daily or even more often is still counted as one person. In addition, Times of San Diego said its readers ages 18 to 44 accounted for 62 percent of all reading sessions. That youthful audience contrasts with traditional print and broadcast media, whose readers and viewers are largely aged 55 and older. A full two-thirds of reading sessions were on smartphones and tablets. The site uses a responsive design to automatically resize for different devices. Chris Jennewein, Times of San Diego publisher and editor, launched the news website in March 2014. For advertising information, contact advertising@timesofsandiego.com.

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Red Door Interactive has announced its app, called the Competitor Customer Journey, is now available on the Domo Appstore. According to Red Door, the app leverages data from social listening platforms and allows marketers to better understand how their brand measures up against key competitors. The agency said its app helps brands determine where their social voice ranks among competitors at each phase of the customer journey.

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Rogov Design reports it recently received two designer awards from Lux, a global luxury lifestyle magazine.  According to Vladymir Rogov, CEO and design director, the awards from the magazine were based on performance and merit over the past 12 months, including drive and dedication to clients and the work.

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Newsroom employees at The Los Angeles Times have voted on whether to join the NewsGuild union. A tally of the vote is expected to be announced Jan. 19. A simple majority is required for approximately 380 employees to join NewsGuild, which represents 25,000 reporters, editors, photojournalists and other media workers at U.S. news organizations. News reports said sources familiar with the voting said they believed the organizing effort would succeed. It’s the first time LAT journalists have held a union vote in the newspaper’s 136-year history. The LAT and San Diego Union-Tribune are both owned by Tribune Publishing Co., which also owns the Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and Baltimore Sun. In 2016, Tribune Publishing renamed itself as Tronc, explained at the time as an abbreviation of “Tribune Online Content.”


SDX member organization The Longhairs will pitch their business on ABC’s Shark Tank on Sunday, January 14. The men behind the brand have been quiet on the subject since their recap of the Shark Tank open casting experience in April. With over 40,000 hopeful applicants pitching and peddling their precious products for season 9, the odds were against them. Since the open casting, they’ve launched soft lidsheadwrapshair serum and Hair Ties For Guys V2.2. They’ve advocated for the little guys, they’ve linked up with JP Sears and other longhairs, they’ve been earning it at the iron factory and they published their 156th consecutive blog post. The sharks will be circling like there’s blood in the water, but will the San Diego startup close a deal?? Tune in Sunday January 14th at 9pm on ABC to find out, or join them at the Loading Dock for their watch party.

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